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Wittner 845111 Metronome

Artikel: PIA0000103-002
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Wittner 845111 Metronome Produktbild
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Spezifikationen: mechanisches Metronom vom Markenhersteller "Wittner" einfache Tempoeinstellung durch Verschieben des Gewichts ...  Alle Artikelinfos


Wittner 85131 Metronome

Wittner 85131 Metronome Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Wittner
69,00 €
UVP*: 88,50 €

Wittner 855161 Metronome

Wittner 855161 Metronome Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Wittner
69,00 €
UVP*: 88,50 €

Wittner 845161 Metronom

Wittner 845161 Metronom Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Wittner
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59,00 €
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Produktinformationen - Wittner 845111 Metronom

Pyramid mahogany, plastic case, without bell

Taktell in pyramid shape, plastic housing, without bell, mahogany grain, " System Maelzel".

Specifications: mechanical metronome from brand manufacturer "Wittner" easy tempo setting by moving the weight on the pendulum rod Tempo range: 40-208 beats per minute Scale indicating different tempo designations: Largo, Larghetto, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Presto, Prestissimo Plastic case (wood imitation) with metal pendulum Protective cap made of plastic (wood imitation) Dimensions of the pyramid approx. : 115 x 115 x 210 mm Made in Germany 

Tip: Wind up the metronome only immediately before use. Do not leave it standing for a long time with the spring fully wound. This will increase the life of your metronome. Basic information about the metronome: The metronome is a mechanical or electronic device with the purpose of enabling a steady tempo by striking note values (usually quarter notes). The number set on the metronome indicates the beats per minute. Assuming a 4/4 time signature and setting the metronome to 60, a 1/4 note therefore lasts exactly 1 second. The electronic metronome generates the beat signal electronically. Its size can range from that of a mechanical metronome down to a credit card size. It is useful for rehearsing musical pieces and is also used to increase reading speed.

Interesting facts about the Wittner company: 

As early as 1895, Gustav Wittner founded a precision-mechanical company for the manufacture of metronomes, which his son Rudolf Wittner gradually expanded into a medium-sized industrial enterprise. Soon Wittner was setting new standards: the metronomes produced alongside the maelzels under the trademark "TAKTELL" became such a byword for quality that in professional circles in many countries the word "metronome" was replaced by "TAKTELL". Experience and tradition, the latest technologies and modern production methods make Wittner the manufacturer with the widest range of metronomes in the world! In addition to metronomes, Wittner produces other musical accessories (tuning forks, string accessories, stands, etc.) as well as articles for the care and storage of sound and data carriers. The company, family-owned and managed since 1975 in the 3rd Generation, enjoys a high reputation worldwide for the reliability and quality of its products.


  • Hersteller: Wittner
Wittner 845111 Metronome ProduktbildWittner 845111 Metronome
59,00 €
149,00 €
69,00 €
59,00 €
59,90 €
45,00 €

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