Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

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Innovatives Backend-Effekt-Modul mit Bitcrusher, Harmonizer, Multimode-Filter, Equalizer, umschaltbarer Hüllkurve und Vactrols  Alle Artikelinfos
Neuzeit Instruments

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Produktinformationen - Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit at a glance:

  • Eurorack Module
  • Backend effect
  • Bitcrusher with invertible bits
  • Harmonizer
  • Multimode filter
  • Attack/Decay respectively Attack/Release envelope with LFO function
  • Mixer
  • Audio inputs with VCAs

Backend Effect

Orbit by Neuzeit Instruments is an extensively featured effects module that reconciles various processes of sound processing. The module is capable of creating something complex and lively new from a simple audio signal like noise or a fixed frequency sawtooth bass; more elaborate input material virtually undergoes a transformation.


For sound processing, there is a bitcrusher with invertible bits, a multimode filter the Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass a harmonizer with up to five oscillators and a simple equalizer. Besides numerous CV inputs the Orbit has its own envelope that can act as attack/decay respectively attack/release or LFO. The sound shaping functions have individual outputs, but can also be combined in detail at the mix output. The functional features that also influence the sound include a total of six Vactrol components that are assigned to the two inputs, dry and wet outputs as well as the filter stages low and high. With this equipment, Orbit is a great module for innovative sound modification, gladly also as the last link of a signal chain. 

Orbit Walkthrough - All Features Explained

Having A Slow Day - With Hector from Poly Effects and Orbit


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