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Yamaha B3E SG2 PE 121cm inkl. Stummschaltung

Artikel: PIA0001830-000
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The Yamaha B3E SG2 Polished Ebony allows you to play with the great sound sampling from the CFIIIS concert grand. Re...  Alle Artikelinfos

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The Yamaha B3E SG2 Polished Ebony allows you to play with the great sound sampling from the CFIIIS concert grand. Recording and playback functions are also available. The introduction of the B3 sets a new professional standard while remaining true to the B Series philosophy. Silent functionality has been added to this B3. This is an SG2 type Silent piano featuring a CFIIIS sound source.

The main features of the Yamaha B3E SG2 Polished Ebony include:

  • Rich resonance and subtle accurate reproduction
  • CFIIIS Sampling: With stereo samplings from the world-renowned CFIIIS concert grand. Yamaha’s SG2 type Silent piano delivers rich resonance and an element of luxury
  • Maximum simultaneous polyphony of 64 notes: Polyphony is a vital feature that defines and supports the quality of the sounds that you are using. The maximum simultaneous polyphony on the SG2 type Silent piano is 64 notes
  • 30MB Wave memory: Wave memory size is key, as it defines the storage level for the sampled sound data. 30MB wave memory allows Yamaha to include longer samples, many velocity layers, key sampling for each individual key and sustain sampling
  • Affordable price since functions are limited to the most important ones
  • 10 tonal colours: 10 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ and strings, provide a wide range of musical expression
  • Built-in recording and play back functions: SG2 type Silent piano can record one song in the internal memory. Additionally, connecting commercially available USB memory to the unit allows you save recording data, and play back songs
  • Simple control unit: The SG2 type simple control unit allows you use easily to control the basic functions of recording and playing back songs
  • Equipped with AUX and MIDI terminals: AUX and MIDI terminals allow the sound to be output to a variety of external devices (e.g. stereo components, IC recorders, speakers with built-in amplifiers, stereo systems)
  • Connecting SG2 type pianos to external devices such as sound source modules and music players (CD players etc.) via AUX IN terminals allows players to listen to the sound from these external devices on the headphones while they play the piano
  • Connecting MIDI devices such as synthesizers to SG2 type pianos via MIDI OUTPUT terminals allows players to transmit performance information to external devices for playback
  • Connecting music sequencers to SG2 type pianos via MIDI IN terminals allows the players to receive and play back the performance information provided by the sequencers using the sound source of SG2 type pianos


  • Hersteller: Yamaha
  • Breite (cm): 152
  • Höhe (cm): 121
  • Tiefe (cm): 61
  • Gewicht (Kg): 237
  • Oberfläche: Hochglänzend
  • Pedalanzahl: 3
  • Silent-System: Nein
  • Rollen: Ja
  • Gleiter: Nein
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