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Roland TD-11KV E-Drum Set UK Version

Artikel: DRU0025205-900
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The new sound module delivers 190 drum and percussion sounds, 50 editable drumkits, new, powerful ambience effects and revoluti...  Alle Artikelinfos

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Roland TD-11KV E-Drum Set UK Version


The new sound module delivers 190 drum and percussion sounds, 50 editable drumkits, new, powerful ambience effects and revolutionary SuperNATURAL Sounds, produced through behavior modeling technology. A large LCD display with intuitive control surface promises quick and uncomplicated operation. Two USB ports make it possible to playback audio files from flash memory devices as well connect to computers.

TD-11KV Drum Pads

The drum pads of the TD-11KV kits are covered with mesh heads and stand out not only the silent speech mainly by the highly realistic drumming experience. The drum pads, consisting of two 6" Tom Pads, an 8" Floor Tom, and the 8" Snare Pad can be assigned with different sounds at the surfaces and at the rubberized edges. The kick pad also has a coat of fabric plastic and simulates a real clever kick drum. Even the cymbal pads can elicit different sounds by playing on the edge or on the clubface.

In the ride cymbal pad has even an extra trigger zone on its dome. The Cymbalpads can be easily stopped while playing like real cymbals via choke function. The rack has four main pillars and guarantees a firm grip and stability.

Mounting and Rack of the TD-11KV Kit

The rack of the TD-11KV is relatively small, but offers enough space to position the supplied components by L-suspension individually.The small size of the TD-11KV is perfect for any conditions and places, it is also just as easy to assemble as well as dismantled.


  • TD-11 Sound Module (x1)
  • PDX-8 Snare Pad (x1)
  • PDX-6 Tom Pad (x2)
  • PDX-8 Floor Tom Pad (x1)
  • KD-9 Kick Pad (x1)
  • CY-5 Cymbal Pad (x1)
  • CY-12C Crash Cymbal Pad (x1)
  • CY-13R/C Ride Cymbal Pad (x1)
  • FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller (x1)
  • MDS-4V Drum Rack (x1)

ROLAND TD-11K E-Drum Set Features

  • Sound Module with 190 Drum- and Percussion Sounds
  • 50 Drum Kits
  • Dual Trigger Cymbal Pads
  • 2 USB-Connections
  • Large LCD-Display with intuitive control surface
  • Coach and Quick REC Functions

Pictured is a set example! The Kick Pedal is not included!


  • Hersteller: Roland
  • Anzahl Drumkits: 50
  • Anzahl Sounds: 190
  • Recording Funktion: Ja
  • Kompressor: Ja
  • interne Effekte: Ja
  • Anzahl Preset Patterns: 22
  • Display: Ja
  • Master Out: Ja
  • Digital Output: Ja
  • Kopfhöreranschluss: Ja
  • Foot Switch Anschluss: Nein
  • Inkl. Fußmaschine: Nein
  • integriertes Metronom: Ja
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