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Viscount Legend Live Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature

Artikel: KEY0004837-000
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Die Viscount Legend Live ist eine 2 manualige transportable Orgel. Die Legend verfügt über2 Manuale und Waterfall-Tastatur mit ...  Alle Artikelinfos


Viscount Legend

Viscount Legend Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Viscount
  • Höhe (cm): 18,0
  • Tiefe (cm): 59,0
2.658,00 €
UVP*: 2.695,00 €

Viscount Legend Live

Viscount Legend Live Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Viscount
  • Breite (cm): 101,0
  • Höhe (cm): 18,0
  • Tiefe (cm): 59,0
1.890,00 €
UVP*: 1.970,00 €

Viscount Legend Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature

Viscount Legend Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Viscount
  • Breite (cm): 117,0
  • Höhe (cm): 18,0
  • Tiefe (cm): 59,0
2.149,00 €
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Legend Live Joey DeFrancesco Signature (Black)

Viscount Legend Live Joey DeFrancesco Signature Vintage Organ (Black)

The Viscount Legend Live Joey DeFrancesco Signature (Black) is a luxury Instrument, designed in Italy to recreate the vintage sound of Tone-Wheel Organs, such as the Hammond Organ. The Legend uses the latest modelling technology to deliver an authentic musical experience, whilst the build quality and layout of the Organ will leave those familiar with vintage Instruments feeling instantly at home. The Joey DeFrancesco Signature Edition of the Organ is presented in Black Satin and Organ Clones with Sound Model and related Effects (Vibrato, Chorus, Percussion and Rotary Simulator) personally tuned by Joey, taken from his personal collection.

Viscount Legend Live Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature

The Legend perfectly captures the look and feel of the vintage era by leaving all the modern technology working under the hood – no LCD Screens or Touch-Pads can be seen anywhere on the Organ itself. The Rotary and Amplifier simulation algorithms have been newly designed to be even more accurate on the Legend Organs. 2x full sets of 9x Drawbars are included for both of the 61-note Keyboards, alongside 2x Pedal Drawbars. Further Controls (Sustain, Delay, Key-Click and so on) can be found to the immediate left of the upper Keyboard – the lower Keyboard has a Panel to its left with Reverb, Tone-Wheel and Pedal options, among others. The Reverbs (Spring and Hall) are included along with Effects such as Vibrato and Chorus, and the Legend is complete with an 11-pin external Leslie Speaker Output. Another optional extra available for users of the Legend is the full-sized console Floor Pedals, featuring 25x Pedals connecting to a dedicated output.

The Legend presents itself as a world-class Portable Organ, accurately matching the high watermark laid down by the classic Vintage Organs of the past, in a modern unit.

The main features of the Viscount Legend Live Joey DeFrancesco Signature (Black) include:

  • Joey DeFrancesco Signature Portable Vintage Organ
  • 2x 61-Note Waterfall Keyboards
  • 2x Sets of 9x Drawbars per Keyboard
  • Tone-Wheel Modelling Technology (TMT)
  • Crosstalk per Tone-Wheel Model
  • Tone-Wheel Model: '30, '50, '70, Alt. 1, Alt. 2, Alt. 3
  • Half Moon Rotary Speed Control
  • String Bass: On/Off, Decay Control
  • Effects: Reverb (Spring & Hall), Overdrive (Classic, Rock), Modulation (Vibrato/Chorus)
  • FX Send/Return
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru (Out 1, Out 2, In, Thru, Pedalboard In)
  • USB Port
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1010 x 590 x 180mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Finish: Black Satin


  • Hersteller: Viscount
  • Breite (cm): 101
  • Höhe (cm): 18
  • Tiefe (cm): 59
Viscount Legend Live Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature ProduktbildViscount Legend Live Black Joey DeFrancesco Signature
2.149,00 €
3.720,00 €
2.659,00 €
2.658,00 €
2.695,00 €
1.687,00 €

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